The Women’s Board supports the Wolfson Children’s Hospital. Extraordinary undertakings can spring from extraordinary loss. In 1973, Ray and Richard Martin lost a premature twin daughter, Abbie. That   tragedy inspired Ray’s mother, Ellen Cavert, to create what would become the hospital’s largest volunteer-driven, community- supported source of philanthropy. Formed in 1973, The Women’s Board has grown from 41 to 400 members and raised more than $32 million for equipment, programs and facilities at Wolfson Children’s Hospital.The Women’s Board’s unparalleled success is testament to Mrs. Cavert’s indomitable commitment to improving and saving the lives of children. The Women’s Board strives to further awareness in the community of the services and remarkable facilities of Wolfson Children’s Hospital and to raise funds to ensure the best health care for each and every child who comes through the hospital’s doors.

The Women’s Board strives to further awareness in the community of the services and remarkable facilities of Wolfson Children’s  Hospital and to raise funds to ensure the best health care for each and every child who comes through the hospital’s doors.

We are women of purpose. Our mission is to raise funds and awareness for this very special hospital, where no child is ever denied the very best of care, regardless of ability to pay. Our hospital provides almost $40 million annually in charity and uncompensated care for our ever-increasing geographic area. Wolfson depends upon The Women’s Board, and we depend upon and need you to partner with us.

The Women’s Board was formed in 1973 as the result of a sweet baby girl, Abbie Ray Martin, who died because Wolfson, at that time, did not have the equipment to sustain her fragile life. From that tragedy has bloomed triumph. The Women’s Board has raised more than $31 million for Wolfson, saving life after precious little life.

From an initial 41 members, we have grown to more than 400 (as well as many other volunteers). We are all volunteers who believe in this very special mission, and all that we do is FOR THE CHILDREN.

The Women’s Board is led by the President and Executive Committee, which include Vice Presidents, Chairs of our Events, Treasurer and Secretary, and other vital positions. Our Advisory Board is made up of Past Presidents. We have a staff that includes our Director Sally Parsons, Accountant John Adcox, Finance Coordinator Ginny Douberly and Administrative Assistant June Duncan. We have almost 400 volunteer members, as well as many additional volunteers. We depend upon the vital partnership and support of our community sponsors, both corporate and individual, whose gifts enable us to do the amazing things we do for Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

Becoming a member of The Women’s Board requires a high level of commitment. We track potential members and require a minimum of three years of service before membership is considered. This is a big reason for our members’ high level and long-term commitment. Our members are members for life, as most continue to volunteer year after year after year.

During a coffee reception in April the Executive Committee welcomed 24 new members to The Women’s Board (see photo below).


  2019 New Members





Mrs. Tillman Cavert Jr. (Ellen),2015 Eve Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Click here to learn more about Ellen Calvert and how the Women’s Board began.

PRESIDENT 2019-2020

President Katherine A. Forrester


Robin J. Albanese

Robin C. Love


Heather R. Moseley

Anna H. Neal

Dearing S. Thoburn

2018 Executive Committee

2019 Executive Committee Members

Executive Committee

Claudia Adams
Robin Albaneze
Roxane Andrade
Jackie Bargas
Catherine Cathy Brinton
Ellen Cavert
Mary Connell
Wendy Durden
Margaret Liza Emmet
Susan Feeley
Margaret Meg Folds
Katherine Forrester
Holland Gibbs
Kaye Glover
Cheree Graham
Diane Graham
Marleigh Gulliford
Christine Hieb
Suzanne Hinckley
Julia Howard
Denise Hudmon
Shannon Huie
Frances Hutto
Jan Kirby
Kelley Kunz
Elizabeth Langley
Rebecca Levin
Robin Love
Sharon Lucie
Laura Magevney
Victoria Martin
Kendra McCrary
Suzanne Susie Miller
Heather Moseley
Anna Neal
Karla Newton
Mary Pietan
Jane Pomar
Lindsey Riggs
Natalie Rosenberg
Grace Sarber
Susan Smathers
Polly Stein
Kathy Storm
Dearing Thoburn
Karen Wolfson

Past Presidents

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Langley                                                                                                                                                              Mrs. Willis M. Ball III
Mrs. Matthew St. John Bargas
Mrs. William D. Brinton
Mrs. Tillman Cavert
Mrs. Daniel W. Connell Jr.
Mrs. Hugh M. Durden
Ms. Kaye R. Glover
Mrs. Henry H. Graham Jr.
Mrs Y.E. “Chipper” Hall Jr. *
Mrs. J. Kirk Martin
Mrs. Jerald H. Pietan
Mrs. L. Johnson Sarber III
Mrs. Bruce A. Smathers
Mrs. Robert L. Stein
Mrs. B. DeWitt Storm
Mrs. Donald M. Wolfson

Past Florida Forum Chairs

For The Children