WB_IMG_WOLF_Logo_HExtraordinary undertakings can spring from extraordinary loss. In 1972, Richard and Ray Martin lost a premature twin daughter, Abbie. At that time, Wolfson Children’s Hospital did not have the equipment necessary to support one premature infant, let alone two. Surviving twin Annie had to be transported in the back of her parents’ station wagon in an incubator to Shands Hospital in Gainesville, where she stayed for almost five months.  Rather than place blame or hide from this overwhelming tragedy, Abbie’s family faced it head on. Ray’s mother, Ellen Cavert, worked with the late pediatrician Dr. J. W. Hayes to find a way to bring visibility to Wolfson Children’s Hospital and raise funds to strengthen it. The result was The Women’s Board, which would become a powerhouse in Jacksonville philanthropy.

Starting in 1973 with 41 dynamic members, women of distinction within the Jacksonville community, The Women’s Board has since grown to more than 400 volunteers who give of their time, talent, and treasure to raise awareness and funds for Wolfson Children’s Hospital. We have raised  $34 million through the years for this very special hospital, now one of the highest-ranked pediatric hospitals in the country, with acclaimed international recognition.

With numerous legacy members (daughters and granddaughters), we are honored to continue the legacy of giving begun by Ellen Cavert and borne on the shoulders of so many women in our community. Learn more about Ellen Cavert and how the Women’s Board began.

Learn more about the history of Wolfson Children’s Hospital

Our mission remains strong. Our purpose is clear. For each child who walks through Wolfson’s doors, we exist and continue to strive.

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Mrs. Edward L. Baker*
Mrs. Guy Botts*
Mrs. Farris Bryant*
Mrs. Tillman Cavert Jr.
Mrs. Philip Coleman*
Mrs. Carole Weatherly Davis*
Mrs. Snead Davis*
Mrs. Robert W. Fowler*
Mrs. J.W. Hayes
Mrs. Rose Hobbs*
Mrs. Charles Hoffman*
Mrs. John E. Houser*
Ms. Berrylin Houston
Mrs. James C. Johnston
Mrs. Edward W. Lane Jr.
Mrs. Sam Lombardo*
Mrs. Richard C. Martin
Mrs. Raymond K. Mason*
Mrs. J.T. McCormick*
Mrs. C. Graham McGehee Jr.*
Mrs. Frank S. McGehee*
Mrs. Walter A. McRae Jr.
Mrs. Arthur W. Milam*
Mrs. Alexander Mitchell*
Mrs. Russell B. Newton Jr.
Mrs. Robert H. Paul III
Mrs. Lillian Paxson*
Mrs. Earl S. Poitevent III
Mrs. A. Lee Powell
Mrs. Charlie Rawley
Ms. Margaret S. Ray
Mrs. T.S. Roberts Jr.*
Mrs. Gert H.W. Schmidt*
Mrs. Frederick H. Schultz
Mrs. Jack L. Scott*
Mrs. Varina Mason Steuert*
Mrs. I.M. Sulzbacher*
Mrs. John D. Uible
Mrs. Thomas P. Ulmer*
Mrs. W. Ashley Verlander*
Mrs. Saul Wolfson*
* Deceased

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