The Women’s Board has raised more than $34 million for the children served by Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

Extraordinary undertakings can spring from extraordinary loss. In 1972, Ray and Richard Martin lost a premature twin daughter, Abbie. That tragedy inspired Ray’s mother, Ellen Cavert, to create what would become the hospital’s largest volunteer-driven, community-supported source of philanthropy. Formed in 1973, The Women’s Board has grown from  41  to 400 members and raised more than $34 million for equipment, programs, and facilities at Wolfson Children’s Hospital. The Women’s Board’s unparalleled success is a testament to Mrs. Cavert’s indomitable commitment to improving and saving the lives of children.

The Women’s Board strives to further awareness in the community of the services and remarkable facilities of Wolfson Children’s Hospital and to raise funds to ensure the best health care for each and every child who comes through the hospital’s doors.

Wolfson Children’s Hospital is a private hospital that NEVER TURNS ANY CHILD AWAY, regardless of ability to pay. As the only children’s hospital between Orlando and Atlanta, Wolfson serves an ever-increasing region – well into central Florida, up to Savannah, and west of Tallahassee into  Alabama. Truly family-centered,  it is one of the best children’s hospitals in the country,  and its areas of specialty are renowned. Wolfson depends upon its donors to support its amazing work, and this is why the commitment of The Women’s Board is so vital. We are passionate about saving the lives of Wolfson’s children, and we need you to partner with us.

Our Current Funding Target: Ensuring excellence for the tiniest patients

Of the 13,000 babies born in Duval County each year, more than 10 percent need critical care in their first moments of life and many require a NEONATAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT (NICU)  specially designed to meet their medical needs. For decades, the responsibility for giving thousands of our region’s babies a fighting chance for a healthy life has rested on  WOLFSON CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL.

OVER THE NEXT THREE YEARS, Wolfson’s will undertake a campaign to build a new state-of-the-art  NICU, and The Women’s Board has committed to raising $4 million over five years to help fund the premier unit.

Monies raised, will be matched at 150 percent by the Baptist Health System Foundation bringing the total contribution to 10 million. Help us reach ts goal FOR THE CHILDREN.

THE NEW NICU SUITES, will be designed with:

  • Critically important medical equipment designed to provide the highest standard of care.
  • Comfort and privacy for families while maintaining visibility and easy access for NICU staff.
  • Modified lighting and soundproofing to reduce stress on newborns.

In addition to the NICU, The  Women’s Board directs a portion of its proceeds to The Cavert Legacy Endowment and to fund other vital hospital programs and services. WITH YOUR HELP, WE CAN MAKE SURE MIRACLES KEEP HAPPENING AT WOLFSON CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL.

  • Lifesaving Gifts of the hospital, including:
  • Pediatric Surgery Center of Distinction – the best surgical services and technologies with a focus on minimally invasive surgery, robotics, and equipment
  • Behavioral  Health  Center – comprehensive mental health services to children and adolescents
  • Kids Kare Mobile ICU pediatric ambulances for infants and children serving a 250-mile radius of Jacksonville
  • Bone Marrow  Transplant  Unit Collaborative  program with Wolfson  Children’s  Hospital,  Mayo Clinic of Florida  and Nemours Children’s Specialty Care
  • Pediatric  Intensive  Care Unit – staffed by specially  trained physicians, nurses and other health care professions

Patient stories

NEVEAH was born weighing in at just over 3 pounds on February 19, 2018. Neveah received medication to her lungs to assist her breathing on her own. Her NICU journey included a stay in our private patient room NICU in the Weaver Tower – this enabled her family to become comfortable providing care and bonding with little Nevaeh. After just 30 days of specialty care from the Wolfson NICU multi-disciplinary team, Neveah was able to go home.


TRIPLETS,  Eli, Lucas (pictured) and Owen born in January of 2018, 11 weeks early, each weighed under one and a half pounds when they were born. Each baby required mechanical ventilation, central lines and the highest level of newborn intensive care. The boys were rare monochorionic triplets, which means they all shared a single placenta and amniotic sac. Owen was able to go home after 51 days in Wolfson Children’s Hospital NICU. Nine days later Eli & Lucas were able to join their brother at home. All three of the triplets had more than tripled their birth weight by the time they were discharged.

The Women’s Board produces two major events that together raise over $1 million a year for Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

The Winter Dersign Show which kicks off Jacksonville’s holiday season each year features a black-tie gala, lectures by iconic designers, and the very best art,  antiques, and mid-century modern dealers from around the country and Europe. A highlight is the much-loved Children’s Fashion  Show starring Wolfson patients. 2021 marks the Show’s 45th  year!

The Florida Forum, since 1992, has brought renowned speakers from around the world. Featuring monarchs, entertainers, pundits, business heavyweights, sports heroes, heads of state and more, the Florida Forum has enriched the intellectual and cultural life of Jacksonville for more than 31 years.

The Women’s Board strives to direct donor dollars to the children, seeking in-kind donations to support our events. In addition, straight donations, memorial gifts, etc. can be made to the hospital through The Women’s Board. We also have several endowments, including the Cavert Legacy Endowment, which will enable The Women’s Board to continue to support Wolfson well into the future.

 Support The Women’s Board Mission and Wolfson Children’s Hospital. Make an online donation today.

For The Children