The Women’s Board of Wolfson Children’s Hospital was founded in 1972 by Ellen Calvert to raise community awareness and much-needed funding to provide the best healthcare for all of the children in our community. Through the volunteerism of hundreds of women over the past four decades, The Women’s Board has raised more than $34 million for equipment, programs, and facilities. We are now in our third year of a funding target for Wolfson Children’s Hospital, committing to raise $4 million over five years for a new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Thank you to our presenting sponsors for their continued support.

The Women’s Board appreciates your support of our mission. We look forward to seeing you at the 2020-2021 season For The Children.

Over the past 27 years, The Florida Forum has delivered a world-class speaker series and raised community awareness and funds for Wolfson Children’s Hospital.
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Produced by The Women’s Board to benefit Wolfson Children’s Hospital. For Tickets and Sponsorship Information: (904) 202-2886 • • Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts

The Florida Forum is presented for the enjoyment and enrichment of its audience.  The views and opinions of the speakers do not necessarily state or reflect those of The Women’s Board of Wolfson Children’s Hospital, Baptist Health, or the Florida Forum sponsors, and such entities do not endorse any product or service of the speakers.  Similarly, participation in the Florida Forum is not an endorsement by the speakers of the Florida Forum sponsors or their products or services.