conniw-bowden-picOn Saturday, October 3, 2015. Connie Bowden was riding in a golf cart with her family in their neighborhood when she fell out of the moving cart and hit her head on the concrete. She was rushed to the Mayo Clinic ER, where the doctors discovered that the beautiful five-year-old had a severe concussion and two brain bleeds. They immediately transferred her by ambulance to Wolfson Children’s Hospital’s ICU. The situation was very serious, and Connie’s parents were worried and reached out to family and friends for prayer support.

Scans showed that Connie’s brain bleeding was stable, which was some good news, but for the next few days doctors closely monitored her progress and recovery and let Connie rest while the brain bleed healed.

On Sunday, Connie began to wake up a bit and communicate, which was also positive. Connie’s family continued to watch and pray.

On Monday, Connie was moved from Wolfson’s ICU to a regular hospital room. Still having a number of oncussion symptoms, she was not able to eat or drink, and doctors said she would have to remain at Wolfson until her symptoms were gone. But on that day, Connie was given a special honor! Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak was in Jacksonville and visiting the hospital as part of
The Women’s Board’s Florida Forum. Connie and her family were asked to meet Mr. Barak and his wife and other Wolfson administrators and board members. Connie’s mom, Anna Shea, says that it was such a special moment to meet this man who has been such a part of history-making in the Middle East.

Connie has since come home. but her road to recovery will progress over the coming months. Connie is on full brain rest and refrains from physical activity, active playing and bright lights, including movies, computers and other electronics. Anna adds that they are always open to suggestions for entertainment the old fashioned way! Connie’s little brother, William, is glad to have his sister home.

Anna, Connie’s mother, says that when the accident first happened, she truly was in shock as the words “brain injury” were hard to process. She is deeply grateful for Wolfson’s care and for God’s healing.

By the time this is printed, Connie will have turned six. How thankful this family is for a happy birthday this year! The sweet kindergartner, who was awarded the Kid of Character Award at school, loves golf, tennis, swim team, and dancing in the Nutcracker, and cannot wait to get back to all of her activities!

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Written by Grace Sarber