We’ve Only Just Begun the 40th Anniversary Arts & Antiques Show Was A Great Success

It’s been said that stories don’t end. They just turn into new beginnings.

This sentiment rings true as we close the year on the Art & Antiques Show’s 40th Anniversary. As we close the door on a milestone year, we know “we’ve only just begun.”

Jacksonville is an exciting community filled with a heart for our children and the proof can be found in the fruits of The Women’s Board.

This year’s Art & Antiques Show was a groovy success! The kickoff was Thursday evening’s Benefactor Sneak Peek featuring Mark Addison of EventStyle. Friday’s Show schedule began with award-winning interior designer Melanie Turner. Her design expertise and exquisite taste was evident as she took the audience through her work and design processes with more than 100 slides and detailed explanations.

On Friday afternoon, Jacksonville’s Juli Catlin & William Nash gave their lecture: “American Style: from Deco to Jackie O.” They spoke about blending old and new in classic American homes, by looking at Elsie de Wolfe and other famous designers’ abilities to combine current trends with classic antiques. It was an educational and inspiring talk; a perfect preface to shop the Show’s 45 dealer booths.

The Opening Night Party was like none other as disco fever ran rampant! The event was a feast for the senses. Elevated 70s decor, including incredible gold light fixtures and chic tabletop arrangements, set the tone for the glamorous evening. Cheese fondue stations and Bananas Foster served as a nod to Seventies dining. Revelers boogied the night away on a lighted dance floor to the sounds of the RiverTown Band.


Saturday’s events continued the celebration as Margot Shaw, editor of flower magazine, hosted an interactive flower arranging demonstration and lecture. Her spirit embodied that of Christmas, and everyone left with increased knowledge and confidence that we, too, could make our tables beautiful by using Margot Shaw’s lessons on carnation arranging.

Goldie Hawn was the Show’s featured guest, and her lecture set attendance records and stirred hearts. In her new role as a child advocate, Ms. Hawn spoke of her foundation, MindUP, and its cognitive-centric philosophy that aims to teach children the importance of learning how our brains work in order to self-regulate, develop positive mindsets and build resilience to stress. She was a delight, and her heart for children beats in perfect rhythm with that of The Women’s Board.

And that heart for children can be found in Sunday’s capstone event, The Children’s Fashion Show. For a second year, recording artist and former Wolfson Children’s Hospital patient Rion Paige gave a moving performance while fellow current and former patients walked the runway as the true stars of the Show.

We are so grateful for the many people who have given of their time and talents to make this year’s Show such a success. Its triumph is truly one for our children… and that investment yields a priceless return. While it is true that the story of this year’s Show has come to a close, it is not a true end. It’s just the beginning of the next forty.

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