Often, when someone hears “Art and Antiques Show,” they automatically think of grandiose pieces that they can’t afford or old pieces they’ve seen on Antiques Roadshow. It’s time to change those ideas, and the Young Collectors are here to help.

The Women’s Board Young Collectors are budding collectors and Women’s Board members, aged 35 and under, collaborating to raise awareness and funds for Wolfson Children’s Hospital.  In 2012, the Young Collectors debuted the Young Collectors Booth as a way to attract new collectors to the show.

The Young Collectors Booth features moderately priced items, typically under $300, as well as hand-selected, higher-end showcase pieces. The Young Collectors Committee works with the dealers to curate items for the booth, including baby gifts, wedding gifts, and barware to inspire guests to start a new collection or expand on an existing one.

“Our booth is special because it allows young collectors to shop items curated by their peers. It can be overwhelming to walk up to a dealer’s booth and see expensive price tags. We wanted to create a haven for young collectors who attend the show, so they can have a one stop shopping experience” said Patton Webber, Co-Chair of the Young Collectors Committee.


Meridith Allen, Cameron White, and Kate Buschini join Patton Webber on this year’s committee.  While the committee curates items for the young collector, people of all ages are encouraged to stop by the booth to shop and add to their collection.


New to the show this year, financial expert Alexa von Tobel made a special guest appearance at the Young Collectors Booth following her lecture yesterday evening. She selected stylish and affordable “Fabulous Finds,” and these dealer items will be showcased throughout the show with special signage.