The Women's Board of Wolfson Children's Hospital

The Women's Board raises awareness and funds for one of the most special places in the world.

Wolfson Children's Hospital gives the very best care to every child, regardless of ability to pay.

  • Mason Tran
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    n 2014 Mason Tran complained of neck pains.“They were sporadic but became progressively worse,” his mother, Bethany, said. In May 2015, a pediatrician suspected muscle spasms and recommended consulting...
  • Elijah Wick
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    At just 13 weeks’ gestation, Elijah was diagnosed with a rare, fatal condition called Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction. He was given a one in 10 chance to survive the...



  • Save The Date For The 2017 Art & Antiques Show
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    Our committee is working hard on the 2017 Art & Antiques Show! This year's Show promises to be another exciting event filled with iconic lecturers, such as celebrities, designers,...
  • We’ve Only Just Begun the 40th Anniversary Arts & Antiques Show Was A Great Success
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    It’s been said that stories don’t end. They just turn into new beginnings. This sentiment rings true as we close the year on the Art & Antiques Show’s 40th Anniversary....
  • A "Distinct" Goal
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    Funds raised in 2015 totaled more than $1.3 million. By Anne Bryan Each year, members of The Women’s Board join forces to host the Art and Antiques Show and the Florida...

  • Silver Anniversary Florida Forum
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    The Florida Forum is an annual speaker series begun in 1992 and produced by The Women’s Board. Proceeds from this esteemed benefit provide funding for select areas and programs...
  • 40th Anniversary Art & Antiques Show
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    For 40 years, hundreds of volunteers have tirelessly lent their time and talents to producing the annual Art & Antiques Show, a massive undertaking for an incredible cause.

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